Let’s be honest… sometimes envisioning life
after high school can be overwhelming.

What if there was a way to try on a career now by spending time with industry leaders who would show you what today’s workforce really looks like? What if high school courses included hands-on activities directly applicable to a future job?

Our region’s economy is growing, and we need more people who are prepared to enter careers in Advanced Manufacturing and Information Technology (IT). Why? Demand for these critical areas! By year 2018, reports show nearly 60% of all jobs will require a skilled or technical degree. That means technological capabilities, math skills and problem-solving techniques are now more important than ever whether a student chooses to begin a career or pursue a college/technical degree after high school.

The Pathways Solution

Help students gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to qualify for thousands of new, great-paying jobs available right here in Southeast Tennessee. Offering students hands-on learning experiences, courses teaching skills used in the Advanced Manufacturing and IT industries, and earning credit while in high school toward a technical or community college to become certified in a specific field provides a solid foundation of relevant job skills for the future.

Ready to get started on your pathway?

Pathways to Prosperity of Southeast Tennessee is currently working in Bradley County, Cleveland City, Hamilton County, Marion and McMinn County with plans to expand! Contact your school counselor, Career Technical Education (CTE) director or the Southeast Tennessee Program Manager today!