VW Mechatronics Akademie

Kaylee Hensley – Featured VW Mechatronics Student

Kaylee Hensley, an upcoming junior from Ooltewah High School, was selected by her CTE advisor for the Volkswagen Mechatronics Camp because of her talent and passion for welding.  Twenty-six students were selected to participate in the camp, but Kaylee is the only student who attended from Ooltewah. She is enjoying meeting her new peers because...

VW Mechatronics Akademie

Opportunity Awaits The Mechatronics Summer Camp at the Volkswagen Akademie provided a unique learning experience where students are able to discover and highlight their strengths.  The camp’s activities emphasized aspects of physics, robotics, and mechatronics.  The camp’s leaders have developed activities designed to educate students in teambuilding and following instructions, which will make the students a...