Connecting students with his or her future career is what being a school counselor is all about (that and about 100 other things you do each day!) Pathways Southeast deepens career awareness and preparation for not only students, but teachers and counselors as well.

Through industry filed trips, professional development and job shadows in the Advanced Manufacturing and Information Technology career fields, counselors and students see the advancements in technology and are truly amazed.

“I am amazed at the family atmosphere here at E & E Manufacturing – the workers are highly motivated, relaxed and comfortable!”

~STEM Coordinator at Central High School, Hamilton County

“My perception of manufacturing has changed by touring the Cormetech facility. I am excited about showing students what is available (locally) and to encourage the idea that (pursuing) a career is a viable option directly out of high school.”

~Communications Teacher at Cleveland Middle School, Bradley County

Today’s workforce is highly technical, robotic and advanced. Pathway students work toward earning an industry certification, allowing for rapid entry into the workforce. Hands-on experiences help them gain the skills, knowledge and experience desired by employers across the nation. Our post-high school partners make the transition as seamless as possible with dual credit and enrollment opportunities.

When helping a student choose a career pathway, consider these stats:


How to help students find the right pathway

  1. UTILIZE CAREER PROFILES Utilize your student’s “CollegeForTn” profile to access his or her career assessment inventory. No profile? Setting one up is fast and easy, and stays with the student wherever they go.  We really like ACT Profile as well!
  2. GET TALKING! Geared toward a technical career? Utilize this Career Discussion Starter and/or Career Guide to gain insight about your student’s skills or interests aligning with careers in manufacturing.
  3. CHOOSE A PATH Made with School Counselors in mind, reference the Pathways Tool Kits below for information about course sequences, post-secondary partners, and examples of careers and salary ranges to discuss with your students.
  4. REAL WORLD EXPERIENCES Nothing beats first-hand experience! Your Career Coach is well connected in the business community and has coordinated numerous field trips, job shadows and perhaps a few internships with local industries. Ask how they can help you or a student get connected!

Career Pathways Toolkit

The following nine Pathway Tool Kit cards are designed to inform students, parents and school counselors of the course sequences, post-high school courses and partnering schools continuing the pathways available in our region. Also provided are example careers in each pathway with the salary range of each occupation. The chosen academic pathways for Southeast Tennessee are:

Workforce Readiness Tools

Bring Your A-Game to Work: Win at work, win at life. What a motto! Available in all five Pathways school districts, this cutting-edge methodology developed by the Center for Work Ethic Development teaches students about the seven foundational behaviors of work ethic that managers demand: Attendance, Appearance, Attitude, Ambition, Acceptance, Accountability and The flexible curriculum is easy to incorporate into the school day, using real-world scenarios into the classroom preparing students to be productive workers in their future careers. Contact your district’s Pathways Education Liaison or Career Coach to gain access to the materials!

Skills to Pay the Bills: Focuses on teaching workforce readiness skills to youth. The basic structure of the program is comprised of modular, hands-on, fun, engaging activities focusing on six key skill areas: communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism. Download any of the activities for free!