Kaylee Hensley – Featured VW Mechatronics Student


16 Jun Kaylee Hensley – Featured VW Mechatronics Student

Kaylee Hensley, an upcoming junior from Ooltewah High School, was selected by her CTE advisor for the Volkswagen Mechatronics Camp because of her talent and passion for welding.  Twenty-six students were selected to participate in the camp, but Kaylee is the only student who attended from Ooltewah. She is enjoying meeting her new peers because of their common interests in manufacturing type careers.  Kaylee’s passion for welding began when her mother worked as a bus driver.  When the bus needed repairs, she and her father would do it themselves.  She loved learning new things about welding from her father, and eventually learned how to do some decorative welding as well.  She is excited about participating in the new high school program at Volkswagen Akademie in the fall because she will get to expand her knowledge in the field of welding in a real work environment, make new friends, and prepare for her dream career of being a traveling welding inspector.  Not only will she know how to weld, but she will be skilled in inspecting her own work! She has found value in this camp because she is getting acquainted with her future classmates and breaking the ice so she will know exactly what to expect when school starts this fall.  She also has enjoyed developing her skills in coding, which comes naturally to her, and learning more about mechanics.

Thank you, Volkswagen, for offering this real world opportunity for the students in Southeast Tennessee.  Good luck, Kaylee!

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