Marion County CTE Newsletter “Open for Business” – April 2016 Edition


20 Apr Marion County CTE Newsletter “Open for Business” – April 2016 Edition

Interview Boot Camps

When getting a job can depend on a 20-minute job interview, it is only natural to be nervous about it. With good preparation and practice, however, one can decrease the anxiety and make a favorable impression during the interview.

Recognizing the importance of preparation, Jenny Holder, Area Manager of ResourceMFG and Heather Bearden, Staffing Supervisor, ResourceMFG, teamed up with the CTE Department to host an Interview Boot Camp for seniors enrolled in the Advanced Manufacturing (Machining Technology and Welding) and the STEM (Engineering) Career Clusters. An Interview Boot Camp was held at Whitwell High School and Marion County High School. The Interview Boot Camp at South Pittsburg High School will be May 5.

After a Q & A session in which Jenny Holder and Heather Bearden shared their expertise on a variety of job interview topics, each student participated in a mock interview with a volunteer interviewer from a Marion County business.

Because providing feedback is an essential part of interviewing and helps the candidate to understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie, volunteer interviewers completed a Job Interview Rating Sheet on each student they interviewed. This type of constructive feedback will allow the interviewee the opportunity to immediately incorporate suggestions and advice given into their skill set. Each student’s CTE teacher will discuss any specific interviewing advice from the Job Interview Rating Sheet, encourage the student to perform a self-evaluation, and provide guidance/advice to help him or her succeed in a future job interview situation.

Human Resources personnel/participating businesses in the Interview Boot Camp at Whitwell High School were: Neal Nelson, Jasper Materials; Jackie Carter and Heather Wittum, Lodge Manufacturing; Carri Smith and Rachael Adams, Valmont Newmark; Heather Bearden, ResourceMFG; and Randall Tussey, Shaw HW.

Human Resources personnel/participating businesses in the Interview Boot Camp at Marion County High Schools were: Carri Smith, Rachael Adams, and Jennifer Brooks, Valmont Newmark; Eric LeCompte, Royal Remanufacturing Inc.; Heather Wittum and Ed Jones, Lodge Manufacturing; Stanley Reed, Taylor Machine Company; Josh Nippers, North Jackson Discount Pharmacy; Randall Tussey, Shaw HW; Heather Bearden and Sharon Morrow, ResourceMFG; Holly West, Prologistix/Medical Solutions; and Cheryl McNabb, Prologistix/ResourceMFG.

The CTE Department plans to make the Interview Boot Camp an annual event.

Work-Based Learning Connects Work and Learning

Work-based learning provides the opportunity to test-drive a career. It’s a strategy that helps students apply academic and technical skills and develop employability skills. By definition work-based learning includes internship, apprenticeship, cooperative work experience, job shadowing, career mentorship, practicum, service learning, teacher externship, and worksite field trips.

An internship provides a real-world experience to supplement classroom learning. An apprenticeship program is a structured, formal way to gain skills on the job. A cooperative work experience allows a student to gain work experience that matches individual educational goals. Job shadowing allows a student to follow an employee on the job to experience real, day-to-day work in a specific occupation or industry. A career mentorship can give a student inside information about an occupation, industry, or career. A practicum allows students to complete a project related to a chosen career at a worksite. Service learning helps a student apply what is learned in the classroom to address community needs. A teacher externship is for teachers to see examples of how school learning is applied in real life situations. Worksite field trips provide opportunities to learn about work processes and the skill requirements of different jobs.

If your company is interested in participating in the CTE Work-Based Learning Program, contact Kay Light, Director CTE (942-3434, ext. 9 or ).

Certified Production Technician (CPT) Program Update

MODULE #1, SAFETY MARION COUNTY HS 9 obtained the Safety certification
SOUTH PITTSBURG HS 11 currently completing Module #1 requirements
WHITWELL HS 4 obtained the Safety certification
MODULE #2, QUALITY PRACTICES & MEASUREMENT MARION COUNTY HS 1 obtained the Quality Practices & Measurement certification
WHITWELL HS 2 currently completing Module #2 requirements


The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Labor Market Information Section, recently completed statewide industry and occupational projections through the third quarter of 2017.


  • The overall state economy is projected to grow at an average rate of 1.6 percent over the next two years (2015 Q3 to 2017 Q3);
  • Total employment in the third quarter of 2017 is expected to be 3.2 million;
  • Total openings is expected to be 126.7 thousand;
  • The fastest growing major occupational group is projected to be Computer and Mathematical occupations with a growth rate of 3.1 percent;
  • The second fastest growing major group, construction and extraction occupations, is expected to increase at an average annual rate of 2.6 percent.

More detailed data on industry and occupational growth can be found at:

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